Stories of Hope

Our families can tell some life-changing stories about being a Foundations foster parent.

Here are just a few of those stories:

A Teen In Trauma Finds Peace

After years of neglect, Olivia came into foster care at 15-years-old when her mother was arrested. She struggled to build and maintain relationships, and did not have high self-esteem. Olivia often viewed the behaviors of others as an attack against her. Intense emotions left Olivia easily frustrated, and she engaged in self-harm behavior, including cutting and under-age drinking. With the help of her foster family and therapy, Olivia worked to keep her emotions in check. She learned mindfulness skills, and her foster parents ensured that Olivia had a safe space in their home. Olivia has learned to tolerate stress, and is more nurturing to herself. She works hard to be non-judgmental of herself and others, and struggles less with negative perceptions. Olivia now has more stable, healthy relationships and communicates more effectively with others.

Our foster son, who was mentally, emotionally and academically years behind due to trauma and abuse, went up 3 to 4 grade levels/years working with doctors and therapists while in our home. The doctors originally said he was stuck at about age 5, even though he was physically age 12. He wasn't able to attend school, and would struggle to maintain control of his body for more than a couple hours at a time. By the end of one school year with us he was discharged from day treatment, could stay in school a full day, and was able to maintain control of his body, emotions, and behavior. He has become a confident young man and is proud of his accomplishments. We absolutely love all of our children, and they all know that. We tell them every day that they are a gift, they are special, and we love them no matter what. We will always love them, even when things get difficult. We cannot imagine our life without them.
Foster Parent AC

A Young Adult Thrives After Foster Care

Click on the link to hear a radio spot by a former Foundations foster youth, who is now a thriving young adult. He recorded this audio as part of a recruiting effort on WAPL 105.7. RADIO SPOT


During a visit between our foster baby and his biological father at our home, the father out of the blue told me that he felt lucky. I found it profound that someone would be feeling lucky when their child was in foster care. I asked him why he said that, and he responded that he felt lucky because we were in his son's life. It was a very special moment where I was able to share how deeply I care for his son, and we could appreciate the roles we are playing in this baby's life.
Foster Parent LB


While adoptions aren’t the only outcome of foster care, in 2019, we have celebrated nine sets of foster parents becoming simply parents. Congratulations to all of the new families!

Adoption Day

An Adoption Story

In 2012, a boy entered our foster program with significant needs due to the trauma he endured as a young child. As he grew up in our foster homes, he struggled with attachment issues and the new structure and care that our foster parents tried to instill in him. He also received mental health therapy. As time went on, he learned to trust in his foster parents and the Foundations treatment team. There were still struggles as he matured, but these became less severe and less frequent as he connected with his foster parents. Last fall, his foster parents adopted him, and he had his forever home!

His foster parents shared a heart-warming story about his sunflower. One of his chores at his foster home was to mow the lawn. Last fall, he noticed a late-blooming flower growing in their yard, and he took great care not to mow over the flower.

His foster parents saw their foster son nurturing this flower, and took pictures of it. On his adoption day, they gave him a framed picture of the sunflower as a gift. During the adoption proceedings, they talked about how it symbolized their son’s spirit, and how, like the sunflower, he also was a late bloomer. He has blossomed into their son. Like the flower, he needed nurturing and attention to bloom.

A sunflower needs care and nurturing to bloom

Congratulations to all of the new families!

What life-changing stories can you create for a child?


Note:  Stories are shared with permission.