And T.A.C.O.S.


Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. is an initiative of Foundations Health & Wholeness to help reduce men’s suicide and give men the resources they need to live well.

Do you remember the popular 80s television show MacGyver? Each episode followed a clever dude who was able to get out of the stickiest situations using whatever tools he had in reach, like a paperclip, duct tape, gum, and a Swiss Army knife. His resourceful use of tools and mindset always got him through the tough problems he faced, at least until the next episode aired.  Thankfully, men have more resources available to them than paperclips, gum, and duct tape to take care of their mental well-being.

We launched a men’s mental health initiative to help reduce men’s suicide and provide an opportunity for men in our community live well. It’s not about telling men to go to counseling; we want to create opportunities for men to be less isolated, more connected, and get support during challenging times. Instead of paperclips, gum, and duct tape, our community initiative for men focuses on outreach, connection, support:

  • Outreach to men in the places where they work and play;
  • Regular connection events for men to come together for shared bonding; and
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder educational groups.

P.S., T.A.C.O.S. stands for a Trailblazing Adventure of Connection, Outreach, and Support.

The Launch

On November 15, 2022, we launched Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. with a gathering at Paradise North Distillery. We gathered about 60 dudes from all walks of life for connection, a taco bar (of course), remarks about our purpose and goals, and a private concert by NEWSKI. NEWSKI is a Milwaukee-based indie rock band. NEWSKI guitarist Brett Newski wrote the book, “It’s Hard to be a Person: Defeating Anxiety Surviving the World, and Having More Fun,” and gave away copies at the event. 

Foundations Health & Wholeness CEO (and Main Dude), Ryan Good excited to help other men live well

Eden Weller, member of the Dudes Task Force, speaking about the inspiration and opportunities of this work

NEWSKI in concert

“It’s Hard to be a Person” books donated by Brett Newski





What’s Next?

We are launching monthly, casual connection events for dudes.







Click HERE to download the July 2023 event flyer.

Check back here or on our social channels for upcoming events.



NOTE regarding RSVPs: For all of our events, your RSVP is appreciated and never required. You can simply show up without an RSVP. If you do RSVP, we can make sure to have plenty of tacos on hand!

We don’t know exactly where this work is going; that’s up to the dudes who engage with us. We are going to set the environment with our outreach efforts, and we’ll create opportunities for connection and support. And, course, there will be tacos!

Contact our Main Dude

If you want to attend an event for Dudes, help out in any way, donate to help us continue this work, or have an idea, contact our Main Dude, Ryan Good, at [email protected] or 920-437-8256 ext 109.

Dudes In the Past

  • August – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Frisbee Golf!
  • July – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Knights on the Fox at St. Norbert College!
  • June – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Chill Game Night!
  • May – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Hiking at High Cliff State Park!
  • April – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Pickleball!
  • March – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Bro-ga (Yoga for dudes)!
  • February – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S Sports Game Night at 1st and Bowl!
  • January – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Bowling Night!
  • December – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Pentathlon!
  • November – Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. Launch Party!

But Seriously. Suicide Kills. Talking to a Buddy Doesn’t. Please ask for help from a friend or a professional!

Whether you are looking for help for a friend or for yourself, we have the tools to change lives:

  • Schedule a counseling session with one of our counselors by calling (920) 437-8256. View our therapy team HERE.
  • Local Crisis Center: (920) 436-8888
  • Crisis Text Line: 741741