And T.A.C.O.S.

Dudes & T.A.C.O.S. is an initiative of Foundations Health & Wholeness to help reduce men’s suicide and give men the resources they need to improve their mental wellbeing.

The acronym T.A.C.O.S stands for “Trailblazing Adventure of Connection, Outreach, and Support.” Here’s how Dudes and T.A.C.O.S helps men live well:

1. Connection:

  • Creating Welcoming Environments: Dudes and T.A.C.O.S creates environments that are inviting and inclusive, making it easier for middle-aged men to connect with one another.
  • Fun Activities: Fun activities are organized to encourage connections. These activities provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for men to interact and build relationships.
  • Free Tacos: Providing free tacos at events not only adds to the enjoyment but also fosters a sense of community through shared meals. Food can be a great conversation starter and a way to bond.

2. Outreach:

  • Community Education and Awareness: Dudes and T.A.C.O.S aims to raise awareness about the mental and emotional struggles faced by middle-aged men. This education helps to reduce stigma and create a supportive community.
  • Free Monthly Events: Regular events are held to give men opportunities to come together, build connections, and find support. These events serve as a platform for outreach and building a sense of belonging.
  • Connecting Well Dudes with Struggling Dudes: The project helps to connect men who are doing well with those who may be struggling, creating a support network within the community.

3. Support:

  • Subject Matter Experts: The project invites experts to share insights into the challenges that middle-aged men face. They provide practical tools and knowledge to help address these challenges and support one another.
  • Shoulder-to-Shoulder Activities: Activities that naturally encourage deep conversations are organized. These activities allow men to open up and discuss their concerns in a comfortable environment.
  • Tools and Resources: Dudes and T.A.C.O.S provides tools and resources that enhance men’s ability to ask for and offer support. This can include information on mental health services, counseling, and other forms of assistance.

By focusing on connection, outreach, and support, Dudes and T.A.C.O.S aims to strengthen the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of middle-aged men, combatting high suicide rates and creating a sense of belonging and community. It encourages men to take an active role in improving their own well-being and supporting one another in the journey of life.

What’s Next?

We are launching monthly, casual connection events for dudes.








Click HERE to download the August 2024 event flyer.

Check back here or on our social channels for upcoming events.



NOTE regarding RSVPs: For all of our events, your RSVP is appreciated and never required. You can simply show up without an RSVP. If you do RSVP, we can make sure to have plenty of tacos on hand!

We don’t know exactly where this work is going; that’s up to the dudes who engage with us. We are going to set the environment with our outreach efforts, and we’ll create opportunities for connection and support. And, course, there will be tacos!

Contact our Main Dude

If you want to attend an event for Dudes, help out in any way, donate to help us continue this work, or have an idea, contact our Main Dude, Ryan Good, at [email protected] or 920-437-8256 ext 109.

Dudes In the Past

  • March ’24 – Billiards Night
  • April ’24 – Bowling Night!
  • May ’24 – Laser Tag!
  • June ’24 – Dudes Give Back!
  • July ’24 – Dudes Go Golfing!

But Seriously. Suicide Kills. Talking to a Buddy Doesn’t. Please ask for help from a friend or a professional!

Whether you are looking for help for a friend or for yourself, we have the tools to change lives:

  • Schedule a counseling session with one of our counselors by calling (920) 437-8256. View our therapy team HERE.
  • Local Crisis Center: (920) 436-8888
  • Crisis Text Line: 741741


Practical Tools:

  • Dudes Navigating Adversity – Click HERE for some helpful questions which should help you see and process adversity—maybe in a different light.  I hope it will help along the journey of enduring and eventually overcoming adversity in your lives.