Ethics in Action

The Ethics in Action Honors Event celebrates community members who create healthier workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods in Brown County. 

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Celebrate The People In Our Community Who Are Making A Difference!

Save the date for this year’s Ethics in Action Event! The 2024 date will be Thursday, October 24th

Founding Sponsor

We are so grateful to everyone at the George Kress Foundation for their Founding Sponsorship. Their compassion and leadership makes a big difference in lives of so many people in our community and inspires others to lead the way to help our most vulnerable neighbors get access to mental health counseling.

2024 Keynote Speaker: Carson Molle

Carson Molle lives in the small Midwest town of Seymour, WI. In 2017, his life changed dramatically when, at just 14-years-old, he attempted suicide. Despite these traumatic circumstances, Carson lived to share this story. He was left with significant physical injuries, as well as emotional and psychological trauma. In the face of this difficult situation, Carson and his family decided early on that they were going to share their journey in order to help others. Now a 21-year-old survivor, Carson has spent the last several years breaking down the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health by sharing the honest and open account of his struggles. It started with talks at local churches, and grew to include TikTok and YouTube videos, presentations at area middle and high schools, articles and local news reports, as well as multiple podcasts. Carson has appeared at mental health benefits, such as the Be the Light Walk in Green Bay and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Holiday of Miracles Telethon. He has spoken with members of congress to lobby for increased funding for mental health care in schools and clinics. He has worked closely with Children’s Wisconsin on multiple projects raising funds and awareness of mental health issues. He has also been a keynote speaker at several mental health events in the United States. He has appeared on talk shows in the U.S., England, and Australia tackling these tough issues with grace and dignity.

With the love and support of his family, friends, and community, Carson aspires to continue sharing his story to help others find hope in their fight against mental health illnesses. His greatest hope is to reach the teen population, whom he knows are struggling in record numbers. Carson enjoys speaking to teens, lifting weights, and reading DC comics. He hopes to go on to a career in film and broadcast by attending UW-Oshkosh. He wants others to know that they are not alone in their struggles.



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