Ethics in Action

What is Ethics in Action?


It’s an inspiring movement.

It’s about conversations and stories.

It’s finding the courage to take action.

It’s about making an impact!


Ethics in Business is now Ethics in Action

This is year 13 of the Ethics Awards presented by Foundations Health & Wholeness! And that means it’s time for some changes. We will continue to honor ethical leaders in our community at our fall award luncheon, but instead of focusing on the whole of the lives of a small group of finalists, we are focusing on the individual stories of ethical leadership that happen in Brown County every day!

Why stories? Stories are focused on action. They help give us a sense of purpose. They can be celebrated. They inspire us in action too!


  • Stories of action
  • The people submitting the nomination
    (i.e., nominators) tell the story
  • Inspiring ethical action in others
  • Award recipients are surprised at our fall ethics luncheon

  • Exclusive process to find “the most ethical”
  • Labor-intensive process for nominees



Let’s lift up their stories!

Click HERE to complete or download a nomination form

The 2020 nomination period: April 16 – May 31


The nomination process has been enhanced in the following ways:

  • Focus on PEOPLE who are creating healthy workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods
  • Seeks out STORIES OF IMPACT shared by nominators and story supporters
  • Lifts up the details of personal stories that inspire ethical change
  • Recipients will be surprised at the fall Ethics in Action Honors Luncheon (formerly called the Ethics in Business Awards Luncheon).

We hope you are inspired by our renewed focus on people and stories of ethics in action!

Especially in these uncertain times, there are so many stories of courage, leadership, insight, and morals. Share them with us by nominating someone for an ethics award!

To learn more about the changes to the nomination process, see our FAQs.

George Kress Foundation was the founding sponsor of this event and every year since. Hear what Michelle Hansen, George Kress Foundation Director, had to say about this year’s event and nomination period:

Ethics in Action Honors Luncheon

Come to Honor. Leave Connected.

The Ethics in Action Honors Luncheon is a celebratory luncheon honoring the people who create healthy workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. Ethie Awards are given to people for the stories of how they rise up to challenges, stand up for others, and stand out in their actions.

This event was previously known as the Ethics in Business Awards Luncheon.


The 2020 Ethics in Action Honors Luncheon is on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at the Radisson Conference Center. We've changed the date and location based on feedback from guests.