Ethics in Action

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s event a
success as we came together to honor 10 amazing individuals
doing incredible things in our community!

Together, we raised raised $104,846
for children and teen’s mental health!

Thanks to YOUR generous support, children and teens in our community will have access
to life-changing mental health education,
emotional health screening, and counseling.
We can’t thank you enough!

We are extremely grateful to our
2020 Ethics in Action Honors Event Sponsors

This event would not be possible without their incredible support.
Each of these organizations and individuals make positive impacts throughout our community!

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 “At Your Table” Sponsors

Linda Negretti
Lee Bouche Consulting, LLC
Trina Lambert
Wayne Lubner Consulting 

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Stories focus on action. They help give us a sense of purpose. They can be celebrated. They inspire us in action too!
We look forward to seeing you next year!

Thank you to everyone who shared inspiring stories of the people creating healthy neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools in our community!