Ethics in Action

The Ethics in Action Honors Event celebrates community members who create healthier workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods in Brown County. 


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Celebrate The People In Our Community Who Are Making A Difference!


SAVE THE DATE for 2023!

The 16th Annual Ethics in Action Honors Event is anticipated to be on Thursday, October 19, 2023, with backup date being Thursday, October 26, 2023. The event is that the Legends Club Room at Lambeau Field, and we’ll finalize the event date when the Green Bay Packers release their 2023 football schedule in early May.


Founding Sponsor

We are so grateful to everyone at the George Kress Foundation for their Founding Sponsorship. Their compassion and leadership makes a big difference in lives of so many people in our community and inspires others to lead the way to help our most vulnerable neighbors get access to mental health counseling.

2023 Keynote Speaker: Annie Meehan

This year’s keynote speaker is Annie Meehan who inspires, educates, and activates her audiences with her clear message that spurs listeners to break counterproductive patterns and be the exception! As a widely embraced international speaker, she has helped legions transform themselves from a life of ‘muddling along’ to one of sustained focus that showcases success after success. As an expert on living an exceptional life, Meehan is the catalyst to motivate you to obliterate any and all roadblocks that stand in your way. Her countless testimonials reveal the “wow” factor that she creates at every presentation, which in turn catapults participants to adopt the practical tools she champions for more impactful lives both personally and professionally.

An author of six personal development books, her work includes the award-winning Be The Exception. One of her books, The Pineapple Principle, offers hospitality and a sweet journey to an exceptional customer experience. Today, her passion is to share her “H3 Cultures” concept with companies to help them create a Hopeful, Healthy, and Happy workplace that retains an engaged workforce! Meehan has three adult children and lives in Fort Myers Beach, FL with her husband. She loves volunteering in her community, traveling with her family, and walking (or being walked) with her two dogs, Peanut and Leo! To learn more about our dynamic keynote speaker, visit


Watch Past Events to Get Inspired

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