Foster Care by Foundations

A loving space, a safe haven, a home.

This is what every child of every age deserves. Sometimes, biological families are not able to provide the care and support children need.

Foster Care by Foundations Health & Wholeness offers loving services for children who require temporary or permanent out-of-home placement. We match children and teens with families who can offer them stability, love, and hope until they are able to return to their families, adopted, or transition to independent living. We recruit, train, and license our foster parents. We work collaboratively with counties throughout Wisconsin to accept referrals for children and teens in need of out-of-home care, and place them in our licensed foster homes. We ensure that children and teens are matched with the foster parents that fit their needs and gives them the best opportunity for success. After placement, we focus on our foster families, advocating for both the children and foster parents. Through our 24/7 case management approach, we walk with families step-by-step during what may well be the most rewarding times of their lives.

The Ideal Foster Care Organization

We are a nonprofit organization

  • Foundations’ mission is innovating care to heal mind and spirit; changing lives, families, and communities
  • We provide mental health counseling in the greater Green Bay area, and foster care services throughout Wisconsin
  • Our work is supported by individuals and businesses in the community
  • We place a high priority on collaborations with other community partners

Supporting our foster families is our top priority

  • We treat our foster families like our own family
  • Our support doesn’t end at the end of a work day; we provide 24/7 support 365 days a year
  • We show appreciation to our foster families in a variety of ways, including exclusive events throughout the year
  • Our support is here to help foster families looking to make a difference
  • We laugh, cry, and share stories with our families
  • We offer support by providing therapy services to our foster families and children
  • Multiple offices bring support to the areas where our foster families live:
    • Green Bay
    • Germantown/Greater Milwaukee
    • Sheboygan/Lakeshore Area
    • Appleton/Fox Valley
    • Janesville/Southern WI
    • Stevens Point/Central WI
    • Eau Claire

For specific office contact information, visit HERE.

Our foster families keep control throughout their time with us

  • Foster families control the pace of their training to fit their needs
  • After becoming licensed, our foster families tell us what ages and situations they are open to
  • Foster families have the opportunity to meet and spend time with any child before agreeing to foster him or her

Foster Care by Foundations

Treatment Foster Care

Foster Care by Foundations is a treatment foster care program, licensed by the State of Wisconsin. Treatment foster care, also called therapeutic foster care, is out-of-home care by foster parents with specialized training to care for a wide variety of children and adolescents, usually those with emotional, behavioral, or social issues or medical needs. Treatment foster care is designed to provide safe and nurturing care to a child or youth in a more structured home environment than typical foster care. Foster parents typically receive additional supports and services. Foundations has treatment foster homes throughout Wisconsin.

Our team works with each child and foster family to approach treatment with:

  • Wrap-around support
  • Consistency and structure
  • Therapeutic parenting
  • Access to a resident mental health therapist, plus assessments and testing
  • Foster family consultants, who help foster parents with self-care
  • Foster parent champions, who are experienced foster parents who serve as another resource for foster families

We work with foster parents to ensure that they are trained, confident, and supported before they work with children and teens in need of treatment foster care.