hand holding sand

[THERAPY THOUGHTS] Sand Tray Therapy for Mental Health!

February 15, 2024
Working with children and adolescents who have experienced immense trauma and grief, I quickly became cognizant of the need to find creative ways to reach clients who struggle to verbalize their deep-rooted and complex trauma. Knowing trauma is stored in
A sign on a brick wall that says, "Mind your head."

[THERAPY THOUGHTS] The Power of Mindfulness

January 11, 2024
Magic of Mindfulness Our current world seems to be filled with noise, distractions, social media notifications, and other day-to-day responsibilities or challenges. Sometimes, it can feel difficult to tune in to our own thoughts. How can one manage to cut
Lion Roaring


February 1, 2023
I want to talk a little bit about a big, scary word: ANGER. Would you believe me if I told you anger is a perfectly healthy emotion? As part of what makes us healthy and whole, anger plays a special