Foster Care Team

Meet the team that helps children and teens blossom.

Our foster care team is dynamic, compassionate, and motivated. Foundations has been a leader in foster care in Wisconsin for 20 years. Every member of our team is inspired by our mission, and the desire to help children blossom into thriving adults.

Foundations Foster Care Team

BACK: Jackie Baumgart, Collin Drews, Paul Hajny, Nicole Klug, Jessica Lorum, Jess Drews, Alissa Getzin, Hiep Nguyen MIDDLE: Jory Gennett, Kayla Flores, Melissa Hartley-Omholt, Mariah Schaut, Cassandra VanStraten FRONT: Brittany Freund, Natasha Francek


Key Contacts

State Director, Treatment Foster Care

Hiep Nguyen
[email protected]

Statewide Foster Care Recruiting Manager

Collin Drews
[email protected]

Regional Foster Care Director, Greater Milwaukee Area

Alissa Getzin
[email protected]

Regional Foster Care Director, Lakeshore Area

Jackie Baumgart
[email protected]

Regional Foster Care Director, Fox Valley

Jess Drews
[email protected]


Regional Foster Care Director, Green Bay

Jory Gennett
[email protected]


Regional Foster Care Director, Southern Wisconsin

Natasha Francek
[email protected]

Regional Foster Care Director, Central Wisconsin

Whitney Golding
[email protected]

Foster Care Referral & Licensing Manager

Allison Higgins
[email protected]


Foster Care Finance Coordinator

Pai Kong
920-437-8256 x138
[email protected]