First Steps

They need you. We need you.

Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent with Foundations Health & Wholeness. There’s a critical need throughout Wisconsin for people just like you to provide love, stability, and support for children and teens. There simply are not enough homes for the kids who need care.

 We can’t do it without you.  

All you need to get started is the capacity to love. The rewards are greater than you can imagine.

Foster Care by Foundations offers loving services for children who require temporary or permanent out-of-home placement. We match children and teens with families who can offer them stability, love, and hope until they are able to return to their families, are adopted, or transition to independent living.

Fostering is a big decision. We are transparent with you about the joys and challenges. There’s a process to becoming a foster parent, and you set the pace. We walk with you through the licensing process and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable before a child comes into your home. Check out our Myths vs Facts sheet.

As a family-driven nonprofit organization, the most important piece of information we can tell you is that you are not alone. By fostering a child or teen through Foundations, your family at home will grow, and you are now part of the Foundations family.

Again, thank you for considering opening your heart and home to a child or teen who needs you!

Ready To Start The Journey?

Contact Collin Drews, our statewide foster care recruiting manager, at 920-606-1205 or [email protected] Collin can answer your questions and help you get connected with the next step.

Or, if you aren’t ready to chat, you can complete an Foster Care application or Respite Care application and send it to us.

I spoke withe a few local foster care agencies before choosing to become licensed with Foundations. They got back to me in a timely manner and the conversations didn’t feel rushed. With Foundations, I felt I walked in to foster parenting with my eye wide open. They did a thorough job of setting clear expectations of their agency, social workers and my role as a foster parent.
Linda B.
If you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent with Foundations, I’d steal a slogan from Nike and say “Just Do It!” There’s no better team to foster with than Foundations. They don’t push you into making this important decision; they guide you through the decision-making process so that you can decide for yourself with the full knowledge of the expectations and challenges.
Chelle F.
It was truly by the grace of Jesus connected me with Foundations. I was waiting on a placement with another agency when I learned of a sibling group in need. Within 24 hours of learning of the sibling group, I was connected with a Foundations case manager and I couldn’t imagine working with any other agency as Foundations’ support is the best! I appreciate knowing there is another advocate not only for the kids but for me as well along each step of the journey.
Siri U.