Monthly Giving

Become a Monthly Giving BEE

Bees think collectively and, time and again, support their community. The Giving BEEs of our mission are Believers in Enduring Empathy. They want to make sure that their neighbors can heal mind and spirit now and the future. They know that ongoing care results in a healthier community.

Here are some examples how your monthly giving commitment supports the healing of others:

  • $75/mo = $900makes school-based mental health services a reality, including therapy, assessments, youth prevention education, and a Family Navigator to help parents and guardians help their children
  • $50/mo = $600 provides four counseling sessions, which helps clients create a habit for their mental wellbeing
  • $40/mo = $480 supports our community initiatives, like a men’s connection event for our Dudes and T.A.C.O.S. initiative or other initiatives such as our partnership with the Aging and Disability Resource Center
  • $25/mo = $300 allows you to be there for teens when they are in crisis
  • $15/mo = $180 gives a child an assessment and testing for therapy
  • $5/mo = $60 outfits a child therapist’s office with books, games, and other resources or pays for language interpretation during a counseling session

This generous ongoing support will go where it’s needed most.

When you sign up to become a Monthly Giving BEE, you’ll receive a welcome letter, an emotion magnet, and bee pin that reminds and inspires you that you are investing in the mental wellbeing of our community. We send special updates and stories to our Monthly Giving BEEs.

To start a monthly gift and become a Monthly Giving BEE, visit our special page HERE.

PS – Your company might have a matching program that doubles your monthly donation! 

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