Cindy Bartel, LCSW

Works with Clients 18 Years Old through Adults

PASSION POINT: Helping Clients Deepen Their Spirituality as They Heal to Move Forward.

I been a therapist at Foundations since 1990. I specialize in working with people who have experienced incidents of trauma, including physical, sexual or emotional abuse, accidents, injuries or any life threatening event. As a cancer survivor, I work with clients and their family members dealing with cancer.  I also help people struggling with grief and loss. My beliefs are consistent with Foundations’ focus of healing mind, body and spirit. I like to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to encourage healing.

My Philosophy

I believe that people can grow and heal from struggles and traumas. I also believe that, through struggles, we all have an opportunity to deepen our faith.


Works With

  • Adults
  • Individuals and Families Dealing with Cancer
  • Clients Interested in their Faith (when requested)

What’s In It for You

  • Healing
  • Higher Self-Awareness
  • Happier Life


  • Master of Sciences in Social Work, UW-Milwaukee
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Development, UW-Green Bay