Everyone Matters. Everyone Can Heal.

Each one of us matters. Each one of us has the ability to overcome trauma, grief, and crisis. Each one of us can heal mind and spirit and find joy within. You don’t have to do it alone. When people get an opportunity to change their lives, families and communities change too. You matter.
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Innovating Care to Heal Mind and Spirit

Our mental health and addiction counselors are known for their excellence in therapy outcomes, caring and joyful nature, and leadership in therapy approaches. Our foster care social workers fight for children and build supportive relationships with foster parents. Our prevention and education team in the RAYS Youth Services program connects youth with trusted adults and helps them thrive. Our entire team envisions a caring and connected community that embraces the health and wholeness of all people. We are Foundations.

Our Story

By The Numbers

approximate impact
19 13 licensed therapists; 6 resident therapists
14,285 Individual therapy sessions for 1,701 clients
130 Foster homes
275 Children & teens served through Foster Care by Foundations
654 Youth and young adults reached through prevention education and outreach
325 Sessions with RAYS clients and/or families to help prevent homelessness or runways

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