Foster Parent Perspectives: A Story of Love and Loss

June 5, 2020

Rachel and Jeremy have been Foundations Foster Parents for 4 years, and we are so happy they are part of our family. Rachel recently talked to us about love and loss as it relates to the journey of being a foster parent. We thought she really captured the feelings we hear from many foster parents, so with her permission, we are pleased to share Rachel’s words here.

“So, you get the call your services are needed. Not knowing what to expect, you say yes. Then the day comes, and the excitement mounts as you are waiting for their arrival. They come to you needing stability, love and nurturing.  They are broken, in need of mending, waiting for someone to put the pieces back together again. You accept them with open arms and love them right away, it is what you have been called to do.

“The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and slowly you see them open up and blossom.  The pieces are slowly being put back into place and they are healing.  You never thought you could love someone so much, but you do! Then the day comes when you get the call that says thank you for everything you have done for them but you are no longer needed and your job is done. You know this day will eventually come, but you never imagine that it will be so soon.  Thinking you have more time, wishing and hoping that it wasn’t going to be over. The heartache you feel at that moment cannot be explained.  After the tears and the breaking heart, you pick up your own pieces and start to mend yourself back together again. Then you just keep going and moving forward for their sake so they know that it is the right thing for them to leave your care. Before you know it, they are gone.”

Thank you to Rachel & Jeremy, and all the other foster parents out there, who go into this knowing their hearts will break a little so that a child’s heart can heal!