Honoring Ethics in Action Recipient Dr. Dave Ferguson

October 26, 2020

Dr. Ferguson owns IKOR Life Care Management in De Pere, where he and his team help individuals and their families navigate the challenges brought on by aging, disability, or an unexpected medical crisis. Dr. Ferguson advocates for and guides his clients through their unique challenges, making it possible for them to see a way forward.

Dr. Dave, as his clients call him, delivers comprehensive care that goes beyond traditional case management. His client-centered approach treats the whole person. He is caring, compassionate, and always present with those he meets. He also  knows that sometimes the way to help someone in the moment is by  doing something he couldn’t have learned in medical school. Marggie Hatala shared a wonderful story of Dr. Dave going above and beyond for his clients and recognizing what the client truly needed.

On a visit to a client’s home, Dr. Dave delivered various completed insurance forms and other paperwork that the client was expecting. The visit was intended to complete bill paying, oversee the client’s homecare support, and generally to assure that this client was remaining safe. However, it was clear that the client was preoccupied and unable to focus on the paperwork. Dr. Dave asked if everything was okay, and the client said he was fine.

Finally, Dr. Dave asked a direct question: what is it that you need foremost right now? What can I do to help you to feel free to relax here at home, and to manage your healthcare? Dr. Dave was surprised by the answer, that the client’s dog appeared ill and because of the client’s mobility issues he was unable to take the dog to the vet. Without hesitation, Dr. Dave called the vet and made an appointment for the following morning. He returned with his truck the next day, with a comfortable bed

Dr Dave presenting on “How to Lead a More Caring Company” for De Pere Area Chamber members

created for the dog. When they returned from the veterinary appointment, there was a marked change in the client with his mood and attention uplifted, appreciative, and very relieved.

This is just one example of the many ways Dr. Ferguson is willing to empower his clients to remain independent, to be autonomous, and to show respect for each person’s is capacity to create the life that is correct for them.

Marggie tells us she sees this respect each day as Dr. Dave sincerely asks his clients how he can help, and then goes about meeting those needs.

Congratulations, Dr. Dave on being a 2020 Ethic in Action Award recipient. Your patients are lucky to be able to work with you! Thank you for your positive impact in the lives of your clients, their loved ones, and our entire community!