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improve your mental health

10 Ways To Start Improving Your Mental Health

February 23, 2022
So you’ve decided to start your journey to improving your mental health (and here’s a source for those of you asking “what the heck is mental health anyway?”). You’ve come to terms with the fact that mental health affects every
Help a Loved onE

5 Ways You Can Help A Loved One Who’s Struggling

February 23, 2022
While life has plenty of sparkling moments, joy, and laughter, it’s not all puppies and rainbows. Life also includes moments of sadness, loss, anger, and grief. Some of our loved ones can also experience added difficulties coping with poor mental
self care

10 Ways to Do Self-Care FOR FREE!

February 23, 2022
What does self-care mean to you? What would it look and feel like? Are you imagining expensive vacations to tropical beaches or days spent at the luxury spa? For some people, the thought of dropping large sums of money on

Therapy Outside the Box

February 22, 2022
A Passion for Innovative ADHD Treatment ADHD (or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that’s infamous for being misdiagnosed, misconstrued in media, or missed as a diagnosis for children and adults alike. With ADHD’s classic symptoms of inattentiveness, forgetfulness, concentration

Fostering Teens – It Was Meant To Be!

August 28, 2021
When we asked Foundations Foster Parent Denise McGinnis what made her choose to foster tween and teen girls, she laughs and tells us that it wasn’t really a choice. It just sort of happened – as though it was meant

Doing Our Best ~ A Mantra for Fostering Teens

August 11, 2021
Fostering a teen can be a challenge, but it’s also, one of the most rewarding vocations you can ever get into.  It’s very rewarding for us to work with a teen and see them flourish from getting the love, understanding

Seeking Stories of Community Individuals Doing the Right Thing

May 26, 2021
ETHICS IN ACTION AWARD NOMINATIONS ACCEPTED THROUGH JUNE 4 Foundations Health & Wholeness is nearing the end of its 2021Ethics in Action Awards nomination period. The awards were created to honor individuals who create healthy workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods across