William Collins Kohler Foundation Donates $10,000 to RAYS Youth Services Program for Sheboygan and Manitowoc Counties

March 1, 2022
Graphic "Thank you, William Collins Kohler Foundation"

Foundations received a generous gift from the William Collins Kohler Foundation to support our RAYS program! Check out our latest press release below:

“Green Bay, WI  – Foundations Health and Wholeness, a 57-year-old Wisconsin nonprofit organization, received a generous $10,000 gift from the William Collins Kohler Foundation to support youth served by RAYS Youth Services. William Collins Kohler, who passed away in 2018, was known for his philanthropic and compassionate spirit. His legacy includes contributing to many organizations that improve the lives of those in need. RAYS Youth Services is a voluntary, community-based program open to all youth between school-age and 21 years of age. The program is designed to help prevent homelessness and decisions to become a runaway, while navigating youth through the process of transitioning to successful, healthy, and independent living via preventative outreach, education, and other critical resources. RAYS meets all youth where they are at within the community, using a trauma-informed perspective to build coping/social emotional skills, positive adult connections, and strong connections to their community. According to RAYS Program Director, Jackie Baumgart, “all youth are at risk of encountering
negative impacts related to school behavior and readiness, violence or neglect in the home that may result in homelessness or runaway incidents, poor emotional and physical health, and poor social and emotional development.” “This generous and compassionate gift helps us help youth look toward the future,” Baumgart explained, “The generous gift from the William Collins Kohler
Foundation helps us expand our prevention and outreach efforts across the community and reach more youth who need trusted adults in their lives. We are privileged to be given this opportunity to honor the legacy of William Collins Kohler.” Julilly Kohler, Board Director of the William Collins Kohler Foundation, said that “everyone on the board is impressed with the work that RAYS does to help youth and families. We appreciate their tenacious prevention and outreach approaches and the opportunity they provide for all youth in the community to have trusted adults in their lives.”

Foundations and the RAYS youth services program and thankful for the generosity of the William Collins Kohler Foundation. To learn more about the RAYS program, check out our website or head to the RAYS Facebook page.