Foundations Health and Wholeness Seeks Nominations for the 2022 Ethics in Action Awards!

April 13, 2022
Graphic Detailing Ethics in Action Awards Nomination

See our recent press release regarding nominations for the 2022 Ethics in Action Awards. We look forward to hearing about each of our nominees!




Green Bay, WI (April 5, 2022) – 2022 marks 15 years for Foundations Health & Wholeness, a Brown County mental health nonprofit, in recognizing and celebrating the good work of individuals in the community.

Do you know someone in Brown County doing extraordinary things?

Do you know someone brave enough to stand up and make a difference in our community?

Do you know someone who has had a significant positive impact on our community?

The Ethics in Action Awards recognizes people who are creating healthier workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods and is a program of Foundations Health & Wholeness, a Green Bay nonprofit organization.

Stories are how we connect to one another, inspire one another, and bring about change. Share these stories of people having a positive impact within our community by nominating a special individual for a 2022 Ethics in Action Award! To nominate a deserving someone, please follow this link: Nominations are accepted year-round, and nominations received after May 31, 2022 will be considered next year, so the independent selection committee has time to fully consider nominations.

Nominees are considered by an independent committee of community members, and recipients are honored and celebrated at Foundations’ annual Ethics in Action Honors Event in October 2022.

If you are looking for examples and inspiration about who to nominate for a 2022 Ethics in Action award, you can learn more about last year’s recipients at”



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