An Impactful New Year’s Resolution: Foster a Child, Change a Life

December 17, 2019
New Year's Resolution Be a Foster Parent

A loving space, a safe have, a home. These are the New Year’s Resolutions of children throughout Wisconsin.

New Year’s Day is a day overflowing with good intentions; this is the first day of new beginnings, of hope, and of the future. Our New Year’s Resolutions tend to be inwardly focused on ways to make positive changes in our lives. Foundations Health & Wholeness suggests the ultimate resolution for the New Year, and new decade: become a foster parent! They need you!

Foundations is the ideal foster care organization. As a nonprofit organization, supporting foster families is its top priority. Foundations works with foster parents to ensure that they are trained, confident, and supported before they work with children and teens. “As a family-driven nonprofit organization, the most important piece of information we can tell you as a foster parent is that you are not alone,” said Collin Drews, manager of foster care recruiting. “By fostering a child or teen through Foundations, your family will grow at home, and you are now part of the Foundations family. There is a big need for adults willing to become foster parents, in Green Bay and throughout Wisconsin. We especially need families who are willing to foster teenagers. Consider resolving to foster a child or teen. You can change their life.”

If you would like to learn more about becoming a foster parent, contact Foundations’ foster care recruiting manager, Collin Drews at (920) 606-1205 or find more information at