Therapy Starts With A Warm “Hello”

February 5, 2020

Often, the most difficult part of therapy is starting. The fear of acknowledging to ourselves and others that something is wrong holds us back from taking action to alleviate our suffering.

Additionally, you may not know where to start. How do you determine what kind of therapy we need? How do you choose a therapist who is a good fit? What if you want to find another therapist?

NPR’s Life Kit podcast has a practical, yet inspiring, episode titled “How to Start Therapy” to help people do just that. You can read the article and listen to the 20-minute podcast HERE. The podcast addresses everything from the fear that holds us back from getting the help we need, to how to pay for therapy.

At Foundations Health & Wholeness, we’ve heard from our clients that our counseling center has a “warm vibe and atmosphere” regarding everything from the refreshments we provide, to the compassionate therapists and counselors we employ. Starting therapy may seem difficult. Please know that it’s warm and welcoming at Foundations.  Being human sometimes gets tough. You matter. If you would like to learn more, visit, or call our caring client engagement team at 920-437-8256.

Therapy at Foundations starts with a warm “hello.”