Mural of Joy

May 17, 2021
Mural of Joy
Last year, in the middle of a pandemic, our generous donors raised funds to have this beautiful mural painted in front of our Green Bay mental health clinic. We asked local artist Beau Thomas to create a space that would bring joy to those coming to and driving by our clinic. We choose bees because they are experts are working together, communicating, adapting, and being servant leaders – everything a community needs to thrive!
Now that the frozen ground has finally thawed, we were excited to install this plaque to tell the story of the Mural of Joy and to acknowledge the people that made this possible. We are grateful to the following donors who are not only responsible for bringing life to once cold concrete corner, but also bringing a feeling of peace and connection to all who pass by.

Thank you to:
  • The Drews Family
  • Fox Communities Credit Union
  • The Good Family
  • Jim and Elaine Kane
  • Kyles Consulting, LLC
  • Loretta Larkey
  • Laura Massokowski
  • Linda Negratti
  • Jeff and Kelly Nutty