Seeking Stories of Community Individuals Doing the Right Thing

May 26, 2021


Foundations Health & Wholeness is nearing the end of its 2021Ethics in Action Awards nomination period. The awards were created to honor individuals who create healthy workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods across Brown County.

Foundations is asking people to nominate individuals (ages 13 and older) by describing a specific situation, concern or challenge that existed in our community and share how the nominee transformed that situation (the work should take place in, or have a significant impact in, Brown County). Over the past year, media outlets have shared stories from around the globe on how individuals are stepping up to help their neighbors. We know there are many stories right here in our own community, many that have been covered by the local media and others that have only been shared by word-of-mouth.

Foundations wants to hear these stories of impact. They want to share the stores with our community, to lift up the details to inspire others, and to honor those who have risen to meet the challenge. Award finalists will be recognized at during the annual Ethics in Action Celebration to be held this fall.

The nomination period closes at 11:59 pm on Friday, June 4. Nominations can be submitted at by completing a form, or by submitting an audio or video. This year marks the 14th annual ethics awards event for the nonprofit organization.