Living the Season – Part II: Living Your Life with Commitment

December 10, 2019
Living the Season

This is part two of a three part article by our Therapy Director, Julie Feld, that includes tools to help you navigate common stressors.

Part II: Living Your Life with Commitment

Part of the emergency procedures of an airline is to train adult passengers to put on their oxygen mask before they help their children with theirs.  I think this is true for our mental health as well. Take care of yourself so you can be there for others. It’s hard to maintain our focus and commitment to thinking and doing things differently. Take a few minutes each morning to evaluate yourself. Ask yourself “Am I living the way I choose to today?”  I suggest a daily medication reading or video to start the day.

Here are a few digital tools to help you get started. At the time of this post all these apps have a free option.

On the web:

Pexel Thoughts 60-second online meditation

(available in the App Store on iTunes and Google Play)

1 Giant Mind 12-steps to meditation guide

The Mindfulness App for all ages and levels

Smiling Mind designed for children

Buddhify specifically designed with busy lifestyles in mind


coming soon

Part III: Living Your Life with Intention